I'm Joseph Aiello.

I am Bitcoin enthusiast and I've tried hundreds (many now defunct) Bitcoin earning websites/opportunities.

And now I'm about to share what did work for me.

And I'm not talking about faucets and PTC's or retarded Ponzi schemes or scams.

These are worthless. I'm gonna show you websites worth your effort.


  1. Freelancing & simple tasks  - real work for real Bitcoin wage
  2. Earn Bitcoins uploading files, sharing videos ...
  3. Lend or borrow Bitcoins (invest or borrow)
  4. Investment - Cloud mining
  5. Earn Bitcoins as webmasters
  6. Earn Bitcoins by Betting with Bitcointalk most successful sport better (2300 wins to 360 losses).
  7. BEER MONEY - few $ for not that much effort
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BITCOIN REBATES - Bitcoin CASHBACK - get UP TO 5% cashback from NewEgg, Overstock, AliExpress ......