There are various ways you can earn serious money in Bitcoins by uploading files or promoting others content


PayPerInstall - this is best way to earn Bitcoins. You spread EXE file or link to EXE installer which when installed, change Firefox/Chrome/Explorer to show ads of this program. This will earn up to !!!!! 2$ !!!!! per single installation. I earn >400$ just spreading download link pretending it to be "Minecraft.exe", "WindowsKeyGen" ....


Tubecorporate - earn by sharing videos - register as publisher and read short FAQ how to share their videos.

These are porn videos. They will pay 2$ per 1000 video views. SHARE their videos on Adult forums and you can earn 50-100$ a month easily.



To access those URLs, you need to give FB Like/G+/ to my blog :)


WatchMyVid - upload all your videos and just sit and wait and collect Bitcoins.


Bitcoin Photo Market - upload photos, set price and your Bitcoin address, sit and wait for money ;)


Another Bitcoin photo marketplace.